Frequently Asked Questions

What differentiates the PowerCube from other extension cords?
What differentiates the PowerCube is its versatility: it can be mounted anywhere with the unique docking system. Also, the PowerCube’s unique design ensures that plugs cannot block eachother. Lastly, the PowerCube is a modular system: it can be tailored to your needs. So we created a completely new user experience for an existing product, making it user-friendly and more versatile. Therefore the PowerCube is a unique product, which is why we patented it.

How many PowerCubes can be combined?
In theory, the PowerCube can be extended infinitely, as long as the devices you connect do not draw more than 16A combined. In case you exceed this limit, the fuse in your fuse box will automatically cut off the power. However, we recommend you to attach no more than two PowerCubes to one mounted PowerCube.

Is the PowerCube safe to use with a high energy consuming device, like e.g. a microwave?
The PowerCube is as safe as any other power outlet. Even more so: the PowerCube’s power cable is 3×1,5 mm2 thick, whereas countries like e.g. the Netherlands only require 3×1,0 mm2. This extra thickness increases the safety of the product. Besides the thick cable, the PowerCube is also fully grounded, and all sockets are child-proof.

How long does it take to charge a device via the USB-output?
The PowerCube has a high-powered USB port: the charging time will be relatively shorter than charging via a USB port on your computer.

What is the output of the USB charger?
The output of the USB ports in the PowerCube is 2.1A combined. There is a built-in chip which detects how many devices are connected and adjusts the output according to this. So if only one device is connected, it will be able to use the full 2.1A output. If two are connected, they share this total output.

Why are the PowerCube Original models not available in certain countries?
Even though the EU is often regarded as one, different types of sockets are used throughout the continent. And even within zones using the same type of outlets, local legislation may differ from the EU one. This is the case with the PowerCube Original; as this product can be plugged into a wall socket, the total force it exerts on the wall may not exceed 0,25 Nm. The PowerCube Original exerts less than that, however the way this is tested differs from country to country. As outlets are at times mounted higher above the floor in e.g. the Netherlands, over there the products are tested with 1 meter cables plugged into all outlets. As the product exceeds the 0,25 Nm requirement if the test is performed this way, we do not offer these models in some countries.

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