PowerExtension 5m

Ideally we would not need power cords, as they restrict us in our mobility.
As wireless energy is not within widespread use and at least for higher power
is not expected anytime soon we developed the PowerExtension. This product will
enhance your mobility, as you can have a power socket closer by the place
where you actually need it.

As a regular extension cord is hardly new, we of course gave a different twist
to it, and did so quite literally: you can switch the power on or off by turning
the power plug.

The Power |Extension| comes with a grounded 3 or 5m (10 or 16ft) cable and
child-proof lock, what makes it a very safe product. Combined with the unique
on/off switch it creates a safe & smart alternative to standard extension cords.
And as a regular socket is used, the Power |Extension| is compatible with all our
other products, allowing you to create a setup that tailors to your needs.


€16,95 inc. TAX