ReWirable + 4 Plugs

This pack includes one PowerCube ReWirable USB with our 4 Travel plugs.

PowerCube ReWirable
This version of the PowerCube features 5 additional power outlets. Despite its
compact design power plugs are unlikely to block one another. At the back,
a common IEC adapter can be found, so that you can use it with the additional
plug or any cable you have laying around!

ReWirable Travel Plugs
This set of additional plugs for the PowerCube ReWirable and PowerCube USB
allows you to whizz around the world without the need to worry about being
unable to power all the electronics you carry. The four plugs included cover
most popular destinations.

This specific product in Type F is NOT for sale in certain countries (See here).
If you wish to purchase a ReWirable product in these countries you are permitted to
use the ReWirable with IEC cable.
Upon buying this item you agree to our terms & conditions.


€19,95 inc. TAX