PowerCube ReWirable


This compact universal travel adapter makes travelling with devices a breeze. Gain up to 5 additional sockets and up to 2 USB-ports while you travel with just one PowerCube. The included set of travel plugs (European, American, Chinese/Australian, and UK plug types) covers the most frequently travelled destinations worldwide. Better yet, you can easily convert it into a standard socket multiplier or power extension to use at home, by switching to the plug compatible with your home country. It also comes with a worldwide standard receptacle (fused for max 6-10A) so that you can also re-use your old IEC-cables as an extension cord. PowerCube ReWirable is the ideal travel solution for the frequent travellers.







PowerCube ReWirable Technical Specifications PowerCube ReWirable USB
100-250V~; 6-10A Voltage 100-250V~; 6-10A
US, UK, AUS/CN, EU Travel plugs


5 Sockets 4 + 2x USB
Yes IEC Connector Yes
Yes Fuse protection Yes
Mystic Magenta Standard colour Mystic Magenta
E,F,Gl Available socket types E,F,G

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