DesignNest® Bookend |Mountain|


Book Mountain

It’s good to put down your books in between reading to rest your eyes and look at nature. That’s why you should get this Bookend |Mountain| and its arctic animal bookmark set to sit pretty on your shelf. The Bookend |Mountain|  is home to several wild animals which you can use as bookmarks for your books to mark chapters while propping up your books in an aesthetic way.

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Variety Bookmarks

There are a wide variety of small wildlife bookmarks. you can use different small wild animal bookmarks to distinguish between different books. At the same time, many different animal bookmarks make Bookend |Mountain| more interesting.

Two Versions

Bookend has two versions, |Mountain| and |IceBerg|. Different versions also have different series of small animals. In this way, designers hope to call on everyone to protect wildlife and pay attention to global warming.

Dimension   14.3 x 17 x 14.5 cm
Materials   ABS+Nilon6
Unit net weight in kg.   0.195 kg

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