Allocacoc WeightScale |BodyFat|


Keep on track,  keep your body fit. This Allocacoc WeightScale |BodyFat| is slim, rechargeable and easy to use for tracking your weight and body fat. A great choice for keeping up your fitness plan at home and for travel. 

Allocacoc WeightScale |BodyFat|  has an integrated handle it is easy to carry. Thanks to its unique constructional design, this product weighs in at just 1.17kg.

The WeightScale uses a rechargeable polymer battery instead of the throw-away batteries used in most other scales. You can measure your weight and body fat without the need for an app or a Bluetooth or WiFi-connection, making the scale accessible to anyone and ready to go! 

Dimensions  L380mm x W180mm
Product weight  1170 gram
Material    ABS
Battery capacity  800mAH
Input (USB-C)  DC5V/1.5A
Battery  3.6V/800mAh (0.3Wh)
Available Colour  Grey


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