Allocacoc PowerCube® |ReWirable|


PowerCube® |ReWirable| is a one of a kind travel adaptor that you'll ever need for your trip. Its multi-sockets feature offers you 5 sockets to charge all your travel gears at the same time. No bulky adapter blockage, thanks to its cubic shape design. The best part is that you can optimise its use by transforming it to a regular power strip with an IEC cable when you're not travelling!* This set includes 3 travel plugs for the most traveled destinations worldwide. 

*Please note: Only Type E and F models come with IEC cable 

 No. of Outlets   5
Rated AC   10A/100-250V~
Grounded   Yes
Childproof   Yes
Fuse   Yes
IEC port   IEC 60320 C14

 3x Travel Plugs + IEC Cable (Type E & F)

 4x Travel Plugs (Type G)

Travel Plugs   Type A, E/F, G, I
Available Socket Types   Type E, F & G
Available Colours   Purple & Grey

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