USBcable |3-in-1|

Colour: Grey

The USBcable |3 in 1| allows you to charge most devices with just one cable. It comes with three different connectors: USB type-C, Lightning and Micro-USB. You can also transfer data by, for example, connecting your portable hard drive to your computer, or synchronising your music library between your phone and laptop. Its flat design makes it less likely that the cord will entangle and the included CableFix allows you to nearly arrange the cable on your desk.

This is one cable for all; perfect for the highly mobile society with multiple types of devices and connectors. Your friends would thank you for the purchase!

Technical Specifications USBcable |3-in-1|
Rated DC 5V; 2.4A
Cord length 1.5m
Available colours Blue, Green, Grey, Pink, White
Connectors USB-C, Micro-USB and Apple Lightning

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