DesignNest® Aubergine Pillow


Nobody wants to run short of breath. 
DesignNest's Aubergine Pillow is an inflatable travel pillow that plumps up generously in just a puff. A successfully funded Kickstarter project with over $23000 in funding, this is the newest, coolest, travel pillow to date!

Puffing 2 inches away from the spout initiates the Bernoulli effect, using the surrounding air to multiply the volume of your breath. This travel pillow deflates fast, rolls snug and compacts small.

Sensual contours and a well-placed dimple to cradle your head and support your neck. Good support not only eliminates the all-too-familiar head lolling and bobbing, but goes beyond that by stabilising your head for optimal on-the-go sleeping posture.

One puff aubergine pillow

Portable travel pillow

 Dimension   290 x 365mm
 Material  Polyester PUL
Weight   150g


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