DesignNest is a one-of-a-kind crowdfunding platform that provides much more benefit than any other platform, design studio, OEM and distribution network together.


Next-gen crowdfunding platform

Low access barrier

We have the lowest tooling costs, that ensure you the lowest target unit. This is why project funding targets are expressed in units rather than monetary value. Depending on the product, the target could be as low as one single unit.

Design knowledge

We share our knowledge in mass production: design for assembly (DFA) and production efficiency that minimize costs. We offer our expertise in product marketing: packaging design and in-store product presentation. We also offer assistance in legal aspects: patent registration and certification. All of this support is optional and does not affect your intellectual property ownership.


We ensure the best price-quality ratio through our large base of trustworthy sources in the overwhelming world of suppliers. You can also opt to bring in your own suppliers.

Production & Assembly

We also offer the option to use our in-house production and assembly facility, which allows for total quality control, agile decision-making and quick product adjustments. We always provide the most competitive prices and highest quality, but it is not obligatory to use our facilities.

Distribution & Sales

Your product will be launched to big retailers worldwide through our existing and well-established distribution and sales network. Our dedicated sales team will actively sell your product, and you will earn from each and every product sold.


Taking needs and wishes to the next level

100% Product or credit

Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, we offer 100% product or credit guarantee for your investment. We are the only company providing this level of protection, and ask for initial payment to negate the risks of a project failing to be completed.

Idea bucket

Not everyone is a designer but everyone has valuable ideas. Our Idea Bucket allows you to share your great ideas and our designers can design them for you, while you keep the ownership of the ideas.

Crowd design

A project always has room for improvement. Every published project on DesignNest has a crowd design section that invites anyone to bring forward their ideas on how to improve the project.

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