FlashLight - More Than Just A Tool

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Why FlashLight?

With mobile phones already fitted with a flashlight feature, this tool is slowly being forgotten. (1)It's often hidden away in drawer/cabinet. (2)But whenever you need it, the batteries are dead. (3)Plus, you only use it in emergency situations.

Flashlight is our latest project which inspires imagination on how you can use this forgotten tool. From a table lamp to a hanging lamp to a bike light, you’ll never see flashlight the same again.


Multiple Possibilities

Flashlight multiple possibilities


Flashlight multiple possibilities

By supporting this Indiegogo project, you help fuel our creativity in the many more ways flashlight can be used and bring this forgotten tool back to life. Your pledges will go into ensuring the sustainability of our designing and manufacturing processes. As our way of saying thanks, save up to 34% during our Indiegogo launch.