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eScooter |Foldable|

eScooter |Foldable|: Fold. Pull. Go eScooter is a redesigned electric scooter like no other. With its unique folding system, eScooter stands out from the competition by unfolding/folding in less than 5 seconds! Can you believe that? What is even better is its clever design that makes it small yet fast. Experience the craftiest electric scooter in the market, eScooter |Foldable|.

Product is on Kickstarter


audioCube |Modular|

Play music in sync

Ever wanted to stage your own audio experience? With the new audioCube Modular, you can create a home theater system through pairing multiple audioCubes together. Also compatible with allocacoc's audio modules such as the bass module, tweeter module and loudspeaker module to create multi layered effect in your audio experience.

Omnidirectional sound

Its cube-shaped design packed with 10 Watt speaker on each side plus a subwoofer provides you with 360º true surround audio experience and incredible bass.

Easy to setup

Simple pairing with one press of a button. Set one of the audioCubes as "host". Connect it to your computer or mobile phone through Bluetooth pairing, and have other audioCubes sync to the "host"

Product is live on Kickstarter


PowerCube Sensor Series

PowerCube Sensor Series

The PowerCube just got better! We are currently working on a newer version of its predecesor. PowerCube Sensor Series consists of two separate products with different features but high functionality:

  • PowerCube RemoteSensor: Switch your appliances on/off through motion
  • PowerCube SoundSensor: Switch your appliances on/off through sound

To learn more follow this link.


Flip 4 in 1 on kickstarter

Flip is a Four bags in one. A deluxe and multi-functional bag that can easily switch between 4 types of bags according to your preference. Learn more.


NoteBook |Modular|
Notebook Modular on Kickstarter

NoteBook |Modular| is a new and exciting generation of notebooks created to never run out of pages through its embedded magnetic clips. Project successfully funded. To learn more follow this link




These bean-shaped earphones are one of kind. They are craftily created to resemble the ear hole and adjust comfortably. This campaign was successfully funded. To learn more about this project click here



LightCube on Kickstarter

LightCube introduces a different way to illuminate your surroundings through gesture control. Create multiple light settings using only one product! Flexible, Portable and Versatile, LightCube is packed with inimitable features that make it a brilliant companion in your life. This project was successfully funded. To learn more about this project follow this link.