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CupCooler |Instant| - Cools your drink effortlessly

Enjoy a cold drink anytime

Like to savour your chilled drink slowly? CupCooler |Instant| keeps your drink cold all day between -5 to 0 °C (23-32 °F). Now you don't have to rush finishing your drink.

Chills your drink fast

Bring your beverage from room temperature to ice cold in just 30 minutes. That's 4x faster than putting your beverage into the fridge! Enjoy your cold drink without diluting the taste. 

Easy to use 

No long hours preparation needed. No ice, no salt, no problem. Compatible with most of the soft drink cans and beer bottles in the market. Simply plug in, put your beverage on the device, wait for 30 minutes and there you go, ice cold!

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*UPDATE: 03.05.2018: The campaign has ended on Kickstarter. 292 backers pledged €19,523 to help bring this project to life!

*UPDATE: The project has been fully funded after 4 days on the platform! 

*UPDATE: 13.04.2018: The project is 194% funded! 

*UPDATE: 25.04.2018: The project is 318% funded!