audioCube Portable Modular

Colour: Black
Socket type:

Introducing the audioCube Modular, the "audioCube 2.0", that transforms into a surround sound system by pairing unlimited audioCubes with each other, creating the best sound system for any occasion. Place different speakers in different spots, pair them together, and enjoy an enhanced 360° audio experience. With audioCube’s omnidirectional speakers, sound penetrates air space and interacts with the room. Its incredible bass is further amplified by a vibrating plane, which also acts as an on/off switch.

Simply connect your device via Bluetooth to an audioCube Modular, and pair this with another audioCube Modular placed 30m away. No bulky external power adapter is required due to its integrated power circuit, making it even more portable and easy to charge. You can even use your old IEC-cable to charge the audioCube. No app or Internet connection is required.

With a battery life of 12 hours and infinite pairing, this is the sturdiest and most modular Bluetooth speaker for your home.  

Technical Specifications  AudioCube Modular
Power Connector   IEC 60320 C14
Colour   Black, White 
Power Input   100V-240V/50-60Hz
Power Output   40W
SNR   90dB
Battery Charging Time   3 hours
Charging Cable Length   1m
Signal   Bluetooth and Radiofrequency
Range   Bluetooth: 10m, Radiofrequency: 30m
Socket type   F, G

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