Heng Balance Lamp Ellipse - Plastic

Colour: Red
Winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2016, Heng Balance Lamp is a series of lamps with a “balance” function that reinvents how lamps are switched on. Framed by what is inspired by the Chinese window, Heng Balance Lamp combines the old and new, by introducing a never-seen-before switch. Switching on and off in mid-air, the Heng Balance represents a new epoch in lighting and bringing a gentle warmth to any space it lights up.
The two balls in the wooden frames function as the lamp switches. To switch on the lamp, the user pulls the resting lower ball upwards. The two balls will be drawn together magnetically and suspend in the air for a little while. When they reach a state of balance, the circuit connects and the lamp turns on. To switch off the lamp, one simple pulls the lower ball back down.

Technical Specifications 

Heng Balance Lamp |Ellipse|


Black, red, white


405mm x 200mm x 30mm




LED ; 150 lumens, 5V 5W

Cable length


Plug type


Power output

1A 5V


50,000 hours

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