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USB module
Module USB
Module USB
Module USB
Module USB
Module USB

Module USB

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PowerStrip Modular USB


Compatible with PowerStrip Modular

The USB module is compatible with the PowerStrip. You can combine various modules to match your power needs. 

*Currently, we have the USB Module available on the webshop.

Dual-USB PowerStrip ModuleDual USB

The USB Module has dual high-power USB ports, allowing you to easily charge tablets, smartphones and more.


USB modules


It's as easy as that. Simply add or remove a module to personalize your PowerStrip! You can add more than one module! Module parts are detachable and convenient to mix and match to create a tailored solution. 



Tech Specs Module |USB|
Voltage 5V Total 2.4A
USB-ports 2
Compatibility PowerStrip Modular
Size 8cm x 4.5cm x 2.5cm