Allocacoc PowerCube® Original |Monitor|


Monitor how much you spend on electricity in monetary value with PowerCube Original |Monitor|. When you plug your devices into it, immediate real-time cost of energy used by these devices is displayed. Energy consumption is measured in such detail, at 1/1000th of a cent, that even low-consuming devices can be monitored. Current consumption, detailed consumption of a specific period of your choice, and total consumption are all monitored and displayed on the PowerCube Original |Monitor|. 

This increased awareness of your real-time energy consumption is the first step to saving energy. The next step is to reduce your energy consumption. This can be easily done, simply press on the display screen which double as an on/off switch to cut off the power to the plugged in devices.

No. Outlets   4 
Rated AC   MAX 13A/250V~
Grounded   Yes
Childproof   Yes
On/Off Switch   Yes
Screen Type   LCD
Socket Types Available   Type E, F & G 
Colour   Grey

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