DesignNest® TapeDispenser |BrownBear|


This Brown Bear is ready to get the job done! Always ready to clip any of your important documents or tape anything that needs to be taped up. He’s willing to hold your clips in his mouth for safekeeping and has sharp blades on his feet for cutting tape. Now that’s one hard-working Bear!

*Another color available: TapeDispenser |PolarBear|

| Brand | Qualy


1. Pull the tape from his tummy.

2. The legs contain blades to cut the tape easily.

3. His mouth can contain paper clips.

4. Separate his body to replace tape or refill paper clips. It will easily attach itself with magnets.

| Brand | Qualy

Dimension   7.4 x 13.39 x 8.5 cm.
Materials   Green ABS
Unit net weight in kg.   0.116 kg

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